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    "Renu has been invaluable in helping us communicate with the public through the significant challenges of COVID-19"

    Troy Clifford, President


If you don't tell your story, someone else will​

Immediate focus. Purposeful analysis. Agility to make measured decisions in seconds. Modern-day crisis management & media training require mastery beyond general public relations and media experience.

As an awarded journalist and professional communicator for 30+ years, my specialty skills – honed daily on the frontlines of intense situations on both sides of the war room – prepare you before a crisis and command you through one. I know how actions and messages influence outcomes.

Everyone from senior executives to emergency first responders rely on my expertise to connect the dots, stay ahead, and initiate positive change to emerge as trusted leaders. Others turn to me to become effective communicators to improve their leadership.

Why me? I spent a lifetime managing the court of public opinion – first, navigating it as a youngster in a culture that judged females; then shaping it for 21 years as a top-story journalist & anchor with a leading Canadian news channel. Now, I win public opinion for clients as a crisis manager for 10+ years.

Leadership First: Lead without spin. Mine is a unique, proven and market-leading approach to crisis management, message development and media training. By focusing on integrity and long-term leadership, I make your actions and messages matter. Your organization, bottom line, and relationships prosper.

Empower Your Team: My “how to” programs give your teams practical and enduring skills to attain positive outcomes across all your communication. Combining three decades on both sides of the war room, my game-changing proprietary boot camps teach tangible steps and secret formulas to immediately cultivate your team’s skills and readiness:

              • Media & Communication Training – How to Own Your Message & Win Your Moment
              • Message Development – A Formula to Make Words Matter
              • Crisis Readiness & Resilience – How to Ready for a Disruption
              • Crisis as a Catalyst for Growth – How to Convert Adversity to Advantage
              • Press Release Writing – How to Land Media Coverage

Public Speaking: I frequently speak about crisis management and growth through disruption (plus my other programs) at company retreats, legal symposiums, and global conferences.

Legal Knowledge: I work with lawyers whose clients make headlines. This work requires me to have an explicit understanding of various areas of law: employment, privacy, defamation, bankruptcy, criminal, civil, and human rights.

Media: I am a newspaper columnist for Glacier Media Group, which includes Business in Vancouver. The Vancouver Sun once included me on a list of British Columbia’s Most Influential People.

If you want to make or avoid headlines, communicate effectively, and demonstrate leadership, contact me. Based in Vancouver, I work in major cities around the world.


True to its title, Renu Bakshi’s media training workshop gives you practical skills and a sure-fire formula to manage and deliver your message to any audience … and she puts you through the test.

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In an age where reputations are tried in the court of public opinion, businesses are rethinking their crisis teams. Renu Bakshi’s war-room experience will minimize your exposure.

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Renu Bakshi’s reputation for delivering impactful press conferences comes from a few key differentiators – superior skills & strategic thinking, journalistic expertise, and influential networks.

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Renu Bakshi’s expertise goes beyond media relations. She will develop a strong and consistent story across all your communication, winning you internal and external advocates.

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