15 minutes. That's how fast you must respond in crisis. Are you ready?
Media Training &
Crisis Management

Because if you don’t tell your story, someone else will.

Estée Lauder (Switzerland)

“We left with immediately actionable steps for our crisis plans & corporate culture.”

Jasmin Aziz, Country Manager

Reliance Properties

“Renu’s skills consistently help us shape public opinion."

Jon Stovell, CEO

Surrey Fire Services

"The benefits of Renu’s media training became evident immediately.”

Fire Chief Larry Thomas

Renu Bakshi named among British Columbia’s Top 500 Most Influential Business Leaders


When it’s all on the line, hope is your worst strategy

There’s a reason why executives from Google, Estée Lauder, and Aston Martin sought out my media and crisis workshops in Europe. I took a hammer to conventional playbooks.

Aston Martin (Continental Europe)

“Renu’s workshop is the best I ever attended. I highly recommend having Renu on board. Learning how crisis communication should work opened my eyes. She is extremely smart and professional and stands out with her charismatic personality.”

Tina Brenner, Head of PR and Communications

Aston Martin

Outrage travels fast, requiring rapid response. Unfortunately, many executives get caught unprepared, overwhelmed, or misguided by old-school communication consultants … and end up saying & doing the wrong things.

Applying a proven revolutionary approach and powerful combination of specialty skills, my media training & crisis management focus on bold long-term leadership to protect your reputation, relationships & revenue … and even help you make gains.

It’s always about the greater good. And you emerge a trusted leader, every time. I work with you every step of the way.

No buzzwords. No spin. Only leadership.

Learn why titans of industry, global brands, and emergency first responders rely on me for all their public relations needs.

Why Renu Bakshi?

For 35 years, I’ve managed the court of public opinion from the frontlines of intense situations on both sides of the war room:

  • I shaped public opinion as an awarded top-story journalist & anchor for 21 years with CTV and others.
  • Now, I win it quarterbacking corporate issues for clients, 14 years & counting.
  • I’m a coveted public speaker & media analyst on crisis communication.

I know what actions & messages influence your outcome. I focus on long-term leadership. If you want spin, I’m the wrong person. If you want leadership, you can count on me. (Read on …)

Media Training

A trainer’s on-camera experience doesn’t mean they understand how to position your business for growth or meet your objectives for a media interview or speech. You need a trainer with expertise in media and managing corporate issues.

Anyone can teach you to look & sound good. Positioning matters more –
what you say & do, how you say it …and when.

I distilled my 35 years of experience into 4 hours of the most effective, tactical & actionable tips, tricks and trade secrets. I did the heavy lifting and made it surprisingly simple & shockingly instant. You’ll become the most effective communicator in the room.

Among many things, learn:

  • When TV news only gives you 8 seconds, learn how to make it count
  • One game-changing technique to communicate your story with impact
  • How to immediately control the narrative with your first sentence

I simulate the pressure of a real interview by testing you with a TV news crew.

New Westminster Police Department

“Renu’s simple grammatical shift transformed inexperienced spokespeople into skilled communicators with compelling messages in a matter of hours.”

Hailey Finnigan, Communication Director

Proprietary & market-leading … nobody else offers this level of expertise.

Crisis Management

Outrage and fear travel fast. Studies show, companies recover quicker if they respond with urgency, or better still, report their own crisis before someone else does.

Importantly, recovery depends on doing & saying the right things. Authentically.

With my proven approach to readiness & response, I identify gaps, connect dots, and execute a meaningful plan to protect your credibility and bottom line, allowing you to emerge a trusted leader.

In the uncertain early days of the global pandemic, I became among Canada’s busiest crisis managers, including helping emergency first responders reduce unnecessary calls to an already jammed 911 system.

For 14 years, global brands, chief executives, professional athletes, and emergency first responders trust me with their crisis needs.

Ledingham McAllister

“When we faced a tragedy that dominated media headlines, Renu initiated a rapid response in which we demonstrated empathy, action & leadership. She balanced public opinion by influencing external authorities to publicly share pertinent information. Our crisis leadership earned the community & industry’s trust.”

Ward McAllister, President & CEO

Ward McAllister

If you want to make or avoid headlines, communicate effectively, and demonstrate leadership, contact me. Based in Vancouver, I work in major cities around the world.

+1 (604) 787 1873

Communication Programs

I care so much about your success that I poured three decades of expertise and spent years creating a suite of “how to” programs to give your leadership & communication teams tools to protect and promote your brand. Let me help write your playbook:

  • Media & Communication Training: Powerful tips to Become the Most Effective Communicator in the Room
  • Crisis Readiness Lessons, a MUST for Executives: Practical Tips to Get Ahead During Disruption
  • Build Your Message House: A Sure-Fire Formula to Build a Story that Matters
  • Catalyst for Growth: How to Convert Adversity to Advantage and Grow your Corporate Culture
  • Press Release Writing: How to Write Releases that Land Media Coverage

Social Impact

Working together allows me to serve two worthy causes:

  • I support entire school-meals programs for 120 children and their families at two elementary schools in BC. This includes weekend grocery cards.
  • I donate monthly to urgent medical needs for pets without financial support.

True to its title, Renu Bakshi’s media training workshop gives you practical skills and a sure-fire formula to manage and deliver your message to any audience … and she puts you through the test.

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In an age where reputations are tried in the court of public opinion, businesses are rethinking their crisis teams. Renu Bakshi’s war-room experience will minimize your exposure.

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Renu Bakshi’s reputation for delivering impactful press conferences comes from a few key differentiators – superior skills & strategic thinking, journalistic expertise, and influential networks.

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Renu Bakshi’s expertise goes beyond media relations. She will develop a strong and consistent story across all your communication, winning you internal and external advocates.

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