“Quick to respond and laser-focused, Renu fully dedicates herself to fact-finding and strategy creation.”


  • Crisis Management service

In an age where reputations are swiftly tried in the court of public opinion, businesses must rethink their crisis management plans. Renu Bakshi will respond before a crisis destroys you.

As a tactical crisis manager in the new world and award-winning former journalist, Renu sees it from both sides. Notable executives trust Renu to use her unique war-room experience to anticipate a developing situation and stay ahead of it, including immediately establishing crisis communications protocols that minimize exposure and mitigate reputational damage.

Renu doesn’t believe in spin. She’ll focus on action and leadership, a winning combination that will help you maintain public confidence.​

Don’t wait until bad news strikes. Renu will use her crisis management skills to identify issues that have high crisis potential, high public interest, and high risk to reputation – and implement steps to prevent them from becoming an emergency.

When United Airlines’ stock fell more than $1-billion after a passenger was dragged bleeding from a flight for refusing to give up his seat, Renu was the first crisis manager to point out that the airline could have prevented the disaster if it had tested – and changed – a policy that relinquished complete control to airport police during seat reassignment.

Renu’s select experience includes managing allegations of sexual harassment against high-profile executives, union negotiations, and a viral social media campaign targeting a reputable surgeon. Big law firms also call on Renu to help with their clients making headlines. She has an explicit knowledge of libel, slander and employment laws.

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Renu’s clients span North America. She can board a flight and be boots on the ground within hours.

During the tainted meat scandal that killed 11 people in 2008, the CEO of Maple Leaf Foods stated: “Going through the crisis, there are two advisers I’ve paid no attention to – the first are the lawyers and the second are the accountants.” Michael McCain went on to be named Canadian Press’ Newsmaker of the Year for his handling of the crisis.

Maple Leaf Foods is an exception when it comes to crisis management. Most companies find themselves unprepared, making them susceptible to common pitfalls and mistakes:

  • Failing to retain an experienced crisis management firm
  • Relying on an in-house communications person with no war room experience
  • Not responding in the crucial hours after a crisis
  • Not getting media-trained by an expert
  • Not having a crisis communications plan

“Renu brings creativity, street smarts, and unbridled passion to the tasks at hand."

ANTHEM Eric Carlson, CEO

“Renu’s ability to connect dots and stay ahead of a crisis serves her clients well. I can't think of anyone I would rather use for my corporate advocacy.”

INSTAFUND Alexander Hayne, Founder