“Pertinent, concise, direct, on point, and extremely practical.”


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Good or bad publicity, you may only get 8 seconds to tell your story. We’ll help you ace your message … all we need is one day.

Vancouver publicist Renu Bakshi and her team are the authority on media training & message development. They have a combined experience of 70 years at Canada’s top three TV networks.​

With tips, tricks and trade secrets you won’t get anywhere else, Renu’s immersive step-by-step media coaching is more than just how to communicate with confidence. What you say is also critical.

Renu teaches a sure-fire formula — and works with you — to draft key messages that resonate, helping you humanize your brand and win advocates across all your communication. You’ll test your messages with an actual TV news crew.

Renu has trained senior executives for global companies like Arc’teryx, non-profit groups like the Vancouver Humane Society, and unions, including the BC Ambulance Paramedics.

Our program is a game changer. Program details below.


Among other things, our day-long program includes:

  • What to expect from different types of media interviews and how to manage each
  • We’ll reveal media tricks, like silence, and teach you how to avoid these traps
  • When you get “the call,” immediate steps to take to protect yourself from being misquoted
  • Learn a simple formula that will help you focus your story in short order, even under the pressure of the tightest media deadline
  • Understand why print media is the toughest interview, how eight seconds will change your life, and the most damning comment you can make
  • We’ll give you a crucial look at how different types of media operate and how each tries to manipulate your outcome
  • Face one of Canada’s toughest reporters in an on-camera interview
  • We’ll coach you through hands-on message development using scenarios that could impact you or your business
  • Foolproof techniques for staying on message
  • We’ll teach you how to master the “Rule of Threes” for effective storytelling
  • We’ll reveal how daily news agendas are set – it’s not as calculated as you expect
  • Learn the advanced skill of commenting without commenting
  • Overcome merely memorizing and repeating key messages verbatim – our secret formula
  • Media dos and don’ts
  • Camera readiness

“Renu’s media coaching is pertinent, concise, direct, on-point, and extremely practical for the world of media in the 21st century. Renu’s experience provides her with unique insights, methods and ideas for effective and focused media training.”

MCQUARRIE HUNTER LLP Catherine Jacobs, Chief Operating Officer

“Renu’s media training exceeded my expectations: it was focused, practical and informative.”

CITY OF NEW WESTMINSTER Catherine Jacobs, Chief Operating Officer